1. There must be a professional approach to merchandising presentation of stalls.

  2. If there are damages to the venue due to negligence of the stall holder/retailer, costs will be invoiced & paid by the stallholder/retailer. 

  3. Product security is the responsibility of the stall holder/retailer.

  4. There must only be 1 business per stall.

  5. Stalls must be limited to 3mx2m. 

  6. Stallholders will be required to unload and remove cars from the area prior to 7.15am

  7. Stallholders/ retailers must be set up by 8.00am.

  8. Stallholders/ retailers must NOT pack up until 3:30pm & no vehicle movement until after all games on the day are finished unless otherwise organised with Gala Committee .

  9. All tables and gazebos (if required) must be provided by stall holders.

  10. Stallholders/retailers may NOT distribute or display any marketing information on market day other than their own business.

  11. No refund will be given for cancellations. If notice is given no less than 4 weeks prior to market date we will TRY to resell your space if a valid reason is given.

  12. The stallholder/retailer hereby indemnifies & holds Oakhill College & its owners harmless against all claims or loss arising from connection with or in relation to the market.

  13. All products should adhere to Australian Safety Standards for children.

  14. No material or information provided to you by Oakhill College may be used by you or an individual or business without the written permission of Oakhill College.

  15. All stallholders/retailers must give Oakhill College permission to use their images, business name & website text for Oakhill College promotional use.

  16. Payment for your stall at Oakhill College must be paid within 7 days of receiving your successful applicant email; failure to do so will result in your stall being reallocated.

  17. NO reminder emails will be given.

  18. Only products listed & approved by Oakhill College may be sold at Oakhill College.

  19. If you wish to add new products please just let us know.

  20. Stalls cannot be shared or sold to another business.

  21. Any products deemed by Oakhill College as inappropriate must be removed immediately.

  22. We have strict expectations of appropriateness in line with the Catholic church and our responsibility to our students and parents.

  23. Stallholders/retailers are responsible for leaving their stall site & surrounding area clean & tidy as they found it.

  24. DO NOT use market bins as these are for customers only.

  25. Please store your rubbish (boxes/papers etc) & then take them home with you.

  26. Stallholders/retailers must confine their displays & signs to their stall site & keep aisles clear for customers.

  27. Outside stalls using marquees must be secured or weighted down at all times (sand weights).

  28. Food stallholders/retailers must have appropriate insurance & licenses. This is the stallholder responsibility and Oakhill College assumes no responsibility.

  29. Oakhill College accepts no responsibility for adverse weather.  Undercover positions will be provided if required. Refunds will be given for at the discretion of the Gala Day Committee due to weather conditions.

  30. Oakhill College has the right to withdraw the right to trade of any stallholder/retailer in a dispute with Oakhill College or any persons. Oakhill College has the right to reject any stallholder/retailer whom they believe does not comply with the stated regulations

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